Feelin’ Myself


Ok, not going to lie Y’all. Recently I have been feeling pretty good about myself. I’m not sure if it is the new foundation I bought or the numerous compliments I’ve been receiving from my friends about my skin looking so good, but I’ve been feeling really confident lately! One thing you should know about me is I am absolutely obsessed with beauty and makeup. I could spend my entire bank account at Sephora, as well as multiple hours watching YouTube tutorials of new makeup looks and products. I decided I’d share with y’all what products I use because I tend to try and keep it pretty naturally, but at the same time go for a very classy and glowy look that’ll get people noticing you from across the room 😉

1. Foundation

So obviously the first step in makeup application is the foundation if not primer or moisturizer. I typically spray my face with Mario Badescu’s rose water or a dab of Kiehl’s face moisturizer. Both are extremely hydrating and great for the skin, I highly recommend both. (Kiehl’s is a little more expensive if you are trying to stay on the cheaper side)

Get Rose Water Here

Get Kiehls Here

My foundation always varies, because I’m one of those gals who’s all about that self-tanner. So, when I am on the tan side I use Wet N Wild’s Photo Focus Foundation. This stuff is amazing! It mattifies your face perfectly, and it is super freakin cheap yall!  I’m talkin $4 cheap. When I’m on the paler side I use either Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation or Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation. I can rave about both. The fit me is cheap and does the job very well. The Clinique is a little more pricey but makes your skin as smooth as a Barbie doll’s behind.

Get Photo Focus Here

Get Fit Me Here

Get Clinique Here

2. Concealer

For concealer I typically use Maybelline’s Fit Me, it is a very cheap alternative that works just as well as high-end brand concealers.

Get Fit Me Concealer Here

3. Eyes

Eye makeup is my favorite part of the beautification process! I start off by filling in my eyebrows. Right now I am using a brow pomade from Elf, but need recommendations for something new… what do yall use on your brows? Help a sister out. My favorite eyeshadow palette to use for natural looks is Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar, an oldy but a goody. Browns, golds, mauves, so many beautiful colors to work with it this pallete. For eyeliner, I use two different types for the top and bottom waterline. For the top, I use Elf’s liquid liner, so cheap and so good! For the bottom, I use Maybelline’s Eye Studio Gel. This liner is SUPER black and stays on for hours, Jaclyn Hill has recommended it on her channel multiple times. Finally, for mascara, I have recently been using anything from Tarte. Tarte is one of my favorite brands and their mascara is FAB.

Get Too Faced Chocolate Bar Here

Elf Liquid Liner Here

Maybelline Gel Here

4. Bronzer

HOOLA BY BENEFIT- Enough said.

Get Hoola Here

5. Blush

Blush is also one of my favorite things about makeup. Its so pretty, and just makes you look so classy and sassy 😉 I have multiple blushes that I switch between but my two recent favorites have been Tarte’s ‘Feisty’ Amazonian Clay and Hot Mama by The Balm.

Get Feisty Here

Get Hot Mama Here

6. Highlight

I know highlight has been such a huge trend recently, but I never really jumped on that bandwagon. Now, even though I say that I do wear highlight every day…I just don’t cake it all over my face like I’m trying to blind the next person I see. haha! My two recent favorite highlights have been Precious Petals by Wet N Wild and You Glow Girl by Ofra.

Get Precious Petals Here

Then you set it girl!

I’ve linked all the products that I have mentioned, and I have picked out the best deals so you can get them at a good price. So go spoil yourself, or get your loved ones a good Christmas gift!

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