The Awkward Age of 23

Happy Birthday To me!

Yep, that’s right! Tomorrow, December 12th, I turn 23 years old. Some of you reading this may be thinking “Holy cow, this girl is super young”, actually a whole bunch of Y’all are probably thinking that I am young. Technically, yes I am. But I feel SO OLD. 2017 has really made me mature as a person. I graduated college with a degree in Public Relations, moved four and a half hours away from my parents, found a full-time job- ALL on my own, started turning bills over to my name (insurance, rent, etc.)

“Well, Alexis…Yeah, that’s what happens when you become an adult.”

Twenty Three is such an awkward age. There is no rush of excitement that you get when you turn 21 and can legally go buy your first drink or bottle of wine, even if you’re not a drinker- you just do it because you can. Twenty-two still has a small jolt of excitement because it is typically right before you graduate from college. You still don’t have a pile of “adult responsibilities” loaded onto you yet, so you celebrate, and you celebrate hard. Then there is 23… you work a 9 to 5 entry level job, most of your friends have moved away or are still in school, and you question whether you’re still young enough to go to the bars to celebrate like you did two years ago.

No, this is not a pity party for me.

I guess I am just at that age where birthdays just become “another day”. And that’s ok! I’ll be honest, growing up I expected to be treated like a princess on my birthday, but life goes on and you mature. Obviously, I’m not a 5 year old with a tiara on my head screaming it’s my birthday anymore, but you get my point.

So, to celebrate my birthday the best way I knew how I called up a few of my close friends and took pictures in front of my cute little mini Christmas Tree. Then we went out to the nearest bar and had a few drinks. No…nothing like a 21st birthday celebration, but I had enough fun for a 23-year-old 😉



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