How To Be Happy

My life is nothing close to being sunshine and smiles. Life is hard. I don’t believe there is a person in this world who doesn’t have days where they truly feel unhappy with their life.

Im all about honesty, so let me dip your toes into a little bit of my personal life. I struggle with anxiety daily. The littlest things will cause me grief and stress, and before I know it, I panic. When I could just sit back and think about how little the situation is, I could avoid these anxiety attacks, but instead I lash out at whatever is near me (usually my boyfriend). My anxiety has caused problems in my relationship and have led me to a lazy lifestyle that altered my normal daily routine: going out with friends, not doing what I am passionate about, and led me to toxic habits.

One day it just clicked inside of me. If I wanted to keep the love of my life around and live a truly fulfilling life, I needed to focus on the most important thing in this world: happiness. 

Recently my sister has been going through a rough time in her life as well… she’s older than me by about 4 years, but she looks up to me. She texts me asking for advice, “how did you become happy again, lex?” “how do I push this gut-wrenching feeling away?”

I simply told her what I told myself. And what I would tell to any girl out there.

If your job sucks, get a new one.

Stop relying on the opposite sex for your happiness. Focus on your needs and passions, incorporate them in it, but don’t let them become it. 

Start exercising.

Take up new hobbies and start something new.

Join a community group.

Balance your personal life with your social life.

Write in a journal.


Get a puppy.

In the beginning these things may just seem like distractions, and well…they are. But before your brain can even process it, these things will become your life. 

Are you laying in bed right now reading this? Get the F*** up. No day is promised to you, fulfill each day with surroundings that make you smile, feel loved, and give you purpose.

Comment down below things that make you happy. Are you unhappy? Why? Feel free to reach out to me!

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Until next time,




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