A Little Bit About Me

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I’ll be honest, when writing for the “about me” portion of my blog, I had to go through a few pretty ugly drafts…

Writing about yourself is not as easy as it sounds. If I had it my way, this page would be a blank canvas where you could jot down some things about yourself. But, here I am trying to explain who I am to my best ability.

So, instead of almost frying my brain trying to think of what to write, I went to what any person would…my friends and family.

Here are a few words they used to describe me.






I know that doesn’t really tell you exactly who I am as a person, but I guess that’s where the mystery begins, right? The best way I can tell you how to get to know me is by reading my posts. I’m going to share countless stories, some of my all time favorite things, trips that I take, and all the things that make me the crazy fun-loving girl I am today.

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