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Rare Sighting of Snow Fall in South Georgia

It’s Christmas all over again! I can’t contain my excitement today. It’s pretty rare that it snows in Georgia but VERY rare when it snows in South Georgia. Let the snowman building begin! ❄️☃️

How to Start a Hauling Business

Have you actually ever thought about what is underneath your home? Or heck…have you ever CRAWLED underneath it?! haha probably not, and ill be the first to tell ya…dont.

Im going to dive a little deeper into the company I work for.

Well, here in the south most houses are built over a crawl space. Which is just a terrible thing to begin with. Crawl spaces are nothin but an energy bill demon, insect paradise, and foundation disaster. So that’s where my company comes in. Our inspectors come to the client’s home and crawl into…yeah you guessed it… the CRAWL space. So, my manager thought of a really fun idea to spend the day with an inspector so we can really grasp the concept of their position.

Well, I knew that the inspectors got into the crawl spaces, but I did not realize how dirty this job could actually get. I felt like I was Mike Rowe on an episode of dirty jobs for a minute. Lol!

But, Im not opposed to getting a little down and dirty, but when it comes to spiders…hell naw. I squeezed my body into this 12 inch crawl space door and was immediately met with mud, cobwebs, and puddles of water that made me feel like I was a participant in some cruel obstacle course. Thankfully, I made it from one end of the crawl space to the other without any unwanted creatures in my hair.


(I was a lot dirtier than I look)

Basically what I am getting at is appreciate the men and women in this world who have to get a little, or extremely dirty, during their 8 hour work day, every day. Or, do what I did and get out of the office and explore the other positions within your company. I promise you will learn something!

On another note, while we were in Savannah (which is where the job site was) we decided to take a detour through some beautiful historic areas of Savannah.


These pictures that I took in Savannah are from a historic site called Wormsloe, which was a plantation owned by one of the first English settlers in 1733! You can read more on it here:

I don’t know about y’all, but nature and history just absolutely amaze me. Seeing things like this is what makes me super happy, especially when it has history tied to it! Just beautiful!

If y’all would like to learn more about my company, foundation repair, or historic sites in Savannah feel free to send me a message! I love spreading the knowledge.

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