Change A Life Today

Josh’s GoFundMe

Hi everyone!! I’d like to share a gofundme that I created for my boyfriend of three years. Here’s why I created the fundraiser:


After a workplace accident that ruptured a disc in his neck at the age of 21, my boyfriend had no choice but to undergo surgery, one that was completely botched. Leaving him to live with constant pain and stacks of medical bills. We just found out that he has a second ruptured disc in his neck, and the bills continue to add up. This surgery and the countless medical bills have really been taking a tole on his and my own life and we’re only 24. The injury has affected his employment, physique, and ability to live a normal life. I want nothing more than to have a future with this man, but the debt from these bills are threatening to take that away.

Please change a life today and donate to this fundraiser. It would mean everything to me. ❤

With Love,